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Squid Girl or Ika Musume in Japanese is a girl who is the main protagonist of Squid Girl.

She mostly is seen with a dress with blue dots or a swimsuit. She had rings that are blue. She even had white shoes and are even blue in them. She is mostly clothed white and sky blue. She also had a coat in Episode 10. She also has a squid hat and tentacles.


Squid Girl

Squid Girl's Powers Edit

  • Squid Girl has ten tentacles protruding from the top of her head which she can use to pick things up as well as attack from a distance. They have an extremely far range and have been useful in saving people from drowning in the ocean. She also uses them to play baseball and volleyball. Goro Arashiyama called them "all-pupose tentacles".
  • She can glow in the dark. She is sometimes mistaken for a ghost when she glows in the dark.
  • She can change her weight allowing her to become light as a feather. This power allows her to glide through the air.
  • Squidly Smart. She is an extremely fast learner, for example mastering mathematics in one afternoon. She posses artistic ability when using her tentacles to draw. For example, When she draws with her tentacles, she draws the picture the way she thinks about the person. She quickly mastered the English language.
  • Squiddle Talk. While not exactly a power Squid Girl usually ends her sentences with "Geso" (tentacles as food). In the English Dub/Sub squid puns are used extensively to achieve the same effect.
  • Gill Breather. She breaths in the water because she has gills.

    Squid Girl and her hat.

Squidly WeaknessesEdit

Weakness Explanation

Her Squid Hat

If it is removed she will die. Known in Season Two Episode 7 that she was pulling her hat off.
Fear of Sharks Sharks are a predator of Squids, so she has a natural fear of them.
Fear of Killer Whales Killer Whales are a predator of Squids, so she has a natural fear of them.
Fear of being bombarded by Sanae Nagatsuki. Sanae is obsessed with Squid Girl.

Fear of being experimented on by Cindy Campbell and her fellow researchers.

Campbell believes that Squid Girl is an alien, and pesters Squid Girl since she wants to experiment on her. However, Squid Girl doesn't want to be experimented on.

Fear of Chizuru Aizawa Squid Girl fears Chizuru as she has experienced Chizuru in her state of anger which is very frightning.


  • She made a cameo during the end in Mini Squid Girl Short Story 2.
  • She mostly act more villainous.
  • She is the only character with a english name.

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