Season 1 Episode 5 Aren't You An Alien!?/ Aren't You Going To School?

Next Episode Isn't That A Hero Show?/ Won't You Study?

Character appearancesEdit

Cindy Campbell

Ika Musume

Sanae Nagatsuki

Chizuru Aizawa

Eiko Aizawa


A woman named, Cindy Campbell who comes from a US extraterrestrial reasearch labratory and beleives Ika is an alien and wants to take her to her lab. Cindy brainwashed Ika to think she is an alien but her appetite snaps her out of it. Later Ika looks around Eiko's school believing it to be a military base. Ika decides to keep the principle captive before Eiko stops her. Later Eiko has a dream that she finds a miniature, chibi Ika and keeps it as a pet. In the morning Eiko then tells sanae about her dream and sanae gets jealous that she wasn't the one with Ika.