Season 1 Episode 3 Aren't You My Nemisis!?/ Aren't You Afraid?

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Won't You Buy it?/ Aren't You Invading?

Character Apearances Edit

Ika Musume

Eiko Aizawa

Takeru Aizawa

Chizuru Aizawa

Sanae Nagatsuki

Goro Arashiyama

Nagisa Saito

Summary Edit

The gang take Ika who had never heard of ghosts before, on a test of courage at the local cemetery but she just ends up scaring everyone with her power to emit light. Later, Ika becomes frightened of iflatable killer whales that show up around the beach (believing they are real), since killer whales is her natural predator. When takeru asks Goro to teach him to swim Ika teaches how to avoid the whales. Later a new girl named, Nagisa Saito joins Lemon but is nevous around Ika who is happy that someone is finally scared of her.