Season 1 Episode 1 Aren't You Invading?

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Character ApearancesEdit

Chizuru Aizawa

Takeru Aizawa

Eiko Aizawa

Ika Musume


Angered by the pollution of the ocean caused by the humans,a squid girl, Ika Musume comes from the sea to the shore and declares invasion on humanity at a nearby yakisoba shack called,"Lemon" but is not taken seriously due to her small stature and cute features. When she goes to plead her case she is mistaken by the customers that she is a waitress and starts taking orders which takes the responsibility of invading humanity into a perspective.When she breaks open a hole in the wall of the yakisoba shack with her tentacles, trying to prove to Eiko Aizawa (one of the owners of, "Lemon") that she shouldn't underestimate her and her squid powers.Eiko Aizawa then puts Ika to work until she pays of the damages. Later Eiko's little brother, Takeru pretends to be a squid person so he can be Ika's comrade. On a rainy day Ika takes the opportunity to take over Lemon when there are few people in the shack but her plan backfires because of the eldest sister in the Aizawa family, Chizuru as Ika's punishment Ika is forced to use her squid int to make squid ink spaghetti.