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Kiyomi Sakura is a friend of Squid Girl. They met after Squid Girl was planning on pranking a family by ringing the door bell and running off and getting caught by Chizuru, who knew the family. Trying to make it seem like she wasn't pranking them, Squid Girl claimed to be waiting for Kiyomi, who happened to show up. After spending the day together, they became friends. She wears glasses. She is mostly Squid Girl's best friend. She is around the age of squid girl(it is said by chizuru in season 1)


She is a average height middle school girl with brown hair she wears in two pig tails, brown eyes, and large round glasses Her usual attire is a middle school uniform. When she visits Squid Girl she wears a plain yellow top and her baithing suit is a frilly pink bikini


She is a very sweet calm and kind young lady. She is shown to put up with Squid girls antics and is a very loyal friend. She can get along with everyone she meets and makes friends with ease, shown when she befriends Squid Girl and "charms" her with her kind and gentle nature.