Season 1 Episode 3 Aren't You My Companion?


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Chizuru Aizawa

Eiko Aizawa

Takeru Aizawa

Ika Musume

Goro Arashiyama

Sanae Nagatsuki


Ika meets lifesaver, Goro Arashiyama but is then annoyed when he does not live up to her definition of "Protecter of the sea" . Ika tries to drown Goro to show him up but just prevents him from saving a child from drowning in the current so Ika must save the child herself with her tentacles. After witnessing a birthday party, Ika decides she wants a birthday party too. So the Aizawa sisters hold a birthday party for Ika before playing with some fireworks. Later Ika meets Eiko's friend, Sanae Nagatsuki, who takes a creepy liking towards Ika and forces Ika to try on cosplay for her personal photo collection.